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Mediation is a valuable and cost effective alternative to litigation

ChurchillSmith Mediators is still open for business during these challenging times. We offer online mediation sessions to continue to provide services that are responsive and professional. These virtual mediations will be conducted by video conference.

ChurchillSmith Mediators are well suited, and experienced in, facilitating and assisting the parties involved to resolve their dispute effectively online.

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As the financial, time and other costs involved in the traditional litigation process continue to accelerate, mediation has proven to be an effective alternative to achieve dispute resolution. Bruce Churchill-Smith KC’s extensive mediation and trial experience provides him with the expertise to offer the best opportunities for meaningful and timely settlement.

ChurchillSmith Mediators provides mediation services in Alberta, British Columbia and the Yukon. Choose mediation as an effective and cost efficient approach to dispute resolution. Contact us.

Bruce Churchill Smith KC and David Gould are pleased to announce their association for providing mediation services

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For over 30 years David has assisted industry, business, and government organizations to effectively address hundreds of conflicts. He is one of Canada’s most experienced mediators and an industry leader in the design of conflict prevention and management systems. David combines an extensive legal background with proven mediation capabilities and dispute resolution experience.